Who We Are


Through student-centered academic support, we will develop autonomous learners and critical thinkers who are career ready.


Motivate. Strengthen. Support.

Mission Statement

The UNT Dallas Learning Commons motivates students, strengthens their academic skills, and supports their intellectual and ethical development.


The UNT Dallas Learning Commons environment fosters an environment where:

  • Students establish their identities as autonomous learners;
  • Students develop and sharpen their academic and professional competencies, such as critical thinking, clear communication, and global citizenship;
  • Faculty and the larger UNT Dallas community feel supported both inside and outside of the classroom through academic services and programming.

Our Approach

The UNT Dallas Learning Commons is a safe space beyond the classroom where students can explore challenging educational, social, and ethical issues through dialogic, peer, and student-centered relationships. Our team consists of well-trained professional and student staff who are committed to enhancing students’ self-worth and confidence using non-evaluative, low-stakes relationships of trust. Our tutors use a combination of scaffolding and personalized and directive (when needed) methods to ensure that students are reaching their full autonomous-learning potential. This supports our university QEP initiative for Career Readiness Education, and more importantly, it lends to the development of life-long autonomous learners and critical thinkers. We achieve this through one-on-one and group tutoring sessions and workshops where we focus on strengthening and supporting the student voice and competence in their academic fields which will serve students through their education and beyond as they enter society as working class citizens.