Schedule an Appointment

Connect to WConline

The UNT Dallas Writing Center uses WConline to schedule appointments. Please login via the link or find additional instructions below.

Click the link above or here: or click “Register for an Account” if you are a first time user.

Registering for An Account

Follow the instructions of registration to continue.

NOTE: We ask that you use your student email account (UNT Dallas), and please input a good phone number so we can reach you if we have any questions regarding your appointent.

You must register for an account to schedule an appointment. After your account has been created, you will be able to login automatically with the email and password you created.

Schedule Calendar

Choose the day, time, and tutor of your choice.

“White boxes” indicate available tutoring times, while orange and purple boxes indicate times that tutors are NOT available for tutoring.

STEM Appointments - Narrowing Search

If you sign in to the Math Lab, please select an option from “Limit to” drop down menu: Accounting/Math/Science/Statistics. This will allow you to narrow your search for available tutors and times depending on subject.

NOTE: Not all Math Tutors will be available to tutor in statistics. Only tutors who fall under “Statistics” in the “Limit to” feature will be fully equipped to tutor statistics.


After selecting your time, a new window should pop up. It will ask you a few questions about the assignment/paper you will be working on during your appointment.

Add as much detail as possible; this will help your tutor better assist you and understand your assignment. Also, be sure to add the class and professor to help us keep record of your appointment. If you are unsure about your class name (ex. ENGL 1313) or professor, please refer to your syllabus or Canvas course shell. Course information MUST be correct in order for us to assit you.

Once you’ve filled out the short form, hit “Create” to save your appointment slot.


Writing Center Schedule Confirmation screenshot

Online Tutoring Options

You will be able to select whether you want Email Tutoring (available ONLY in the Writing Center) or Real-Time Video Tutoring.

Remember that for Email Tutoring appointments, you are required to upload your paper to the Writing Center appointment BEFORE the start of your appointment. Select this option if you want written feedback sent to you via email. Attachments MUST be Word documents only--otherwise, our tutors are unable to provide feedback.

For Real-Time Video Tutoring, you will be able to connect with a tutor and engage in a real-time tutoring session that is live. 


NOTE: Email Tutoring is only available for writing appointments. This feature will not appear for STEM appointments.

Confirmation of Appointment

You will receive a confirmation page, if your appointment was successfully created. In addition, your appointment time will show as a yellow box on your schedule. You will also receive an email and a text message confirming your appointment.

Writing Center Schedule Calendar screenshot

Zoom Link and Zoom Appointment

When it’s time for your appointment, log back in to WCOnline and click on your appointment. Click the link to your tutor’s Zoom tutoring room. Make sure you have Zoom downloaded on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet device for the best connection and tutoring experience.

Cancelling an Appointment

In order to cancel an appointment, click on your appointment (look for a “yellow box”) and a new window should pop up. Click “Cancel this appointment” on the new window. Once canceled, a new window should pop up stating, “Your appointment was successfully deleted.”