Meet our Tutors

Student Assistants

Student Assistants


Major: Hospitality Management​

From: Dallas, TX​

Interests: Listening to music (especially Country), hanging out with friends, and working with kids ​

 “I chose to work at the Learning Commons because I like being around an environment where people help other people succeed with their classes and move on to bigger and better things.” 

Student Assistant


Major: Education​

From: Dallas, TX​

Interests: Pottery​

 “I enjoy interacting with other students and meeting new faces. I believe the Learning Commons is essential to student success. Being a part of it allows me to gain new skills to help other students.”​


Major: Psychology​

From: Tacoma, WA​

Interests: Early Childhood, Teaching, and Hair​

“ Teaching is my passion! The learning commons mission is to motivate, strengthen, and support students. When I was a teacher, it was my mission to do the same for children's development. I want to be apart of a team that makes an educational impact on others and to learn how to better support their learning process.”​

Student Assistant

Math Tutors

Professional Math Tutor


“Laci comes to us from Alabama is a graduate of the University of Alabama (“Roll Tide”), where she received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a B.A. in African American Studies. In addition, Laci recently received her MBA with a concentration in Supply Chain and Operations Management. She has over 5 years of tutoring experience and currently works for Texas Instruments Inc. She became a tutor because “ it’s one of the only jobs where you get to display knowledge by helping others expand their own. Tutors pour into those around them and that’s pretty powerful.” 


Anya grew up in Grand Prairie and is one of 13 siblings! Anya earned her Associates of Science from DCCCD in 2012, and graduated from UNT Dallas in 2016 with a Bachelors of Arts in Mathematics and a minor in Sociology. Anya is glad to be a part of a growing university, and is dedicated to helping students build and hone a strong Mathematical foundation to build on and finesse throughout their academic and professional career.​

Professional Math Tutor


Samundra was born and raised in Nepal, and graduated from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma with a Bachelors in Mathematics, Computer Science, and an Associates degree in Information Technology. He made record time obtaining these degrees by completing them in 3.75 years! Samundra has 5 years’ experience in teaching and researching mathematical concepts. He has published one research book, 6 research articles, and is currently writing another research book and research articles. Samundra is interested in research Numerical Analysis, Applied Mathematics, Partial Differential equations, and Ordinary Differential equations. Samundra was also the youngest judge to  serve at the Largest Mathematical Meeting, and currently reviews 3 Applied Mathematics journals. Finally, Samundra enjoys playing the guitar in his free time.​

Professional Math Tutor
Math Tutor


Major: Education

From: Vietnam

Interests: Music, Dancing, and Traveling

" I chose to work for the Learning Commons because I want to help people with math and gain valuable work experience."


Major: Biology with triple minor in Chemistry, Math, and Psychology

From: Syria

Interests: Outdoor runs, Cycling, and Traveling

“My interest behind joining the Learning Commons team was to spread positive energy and to help others succeed. Being able to help others brings happiness to my life and helps me build stronger social connections.” ​

Math Tutor

Writing Tutors

Graduate Writing Tutor


Major: Clinical Mental Health Graduate Program​

From: Dallas, TX​

Interests: Psychology, nature, animals, swimming, hiking​

“I became a tutor because I am good at writing. I love to write, and I love helping people learn how to write.”


Major: Political Science​

From: Dallas, TX​

Interests: Hanging out with her dog, shopping, and going to concerts ​

“I became a tutor because I like writing and I want to help people.”

Writing Tutor
Writing Tutor & Environmental Science SI


Major: Environmental Biology

From: Corsicana, TX​

Interests: Teaching people about exploring, getting to know the wildlife and wilderness around their area. I love hiking, gardening, and hanging out with my cats...I mean friends” ​

"I wanted to become a tutor to give back to my school. UNT Dallas has made tutoring accessible to everyone that needs help. It has been a valuable resource during my time here and I want everyone to feel as comfortable and supported as I did my first semester here!"


Major: Biology​

From: Cedar Hill​

Interests: Playing tennis & hiking​

“I wanted to become a tutor because I like to help people and I wanted to improve my writing skills” 

Writing Tutor & Environmental Science SI
Writing Tutor


Major: Psychology

From: Dallas, TX

Interests: reading, drawing, and painting

“I really loved the sense of family that I saw in the Learning Commons, and I wanted to be a part of it. Other than that, I love to write [so I wanted to help] show people how to present their best writing to the public”​


Major: Psychology with an emphasis in the sciences​

From: Dallas​

Interests: spending time with family, trying out new places to eat, and traveling​

“I wanted to work at the LC because I believe the best way to strengthen my skills is to teach. I believe that working at the LC will further strengthen my writing and communication skills which is vital for medical school.”​

Writing Tutor & Biology SI
Professional Writing Tutor


Elizabeth has been a professional tutor with UNT Dallas since 2017, drawn to the opportunity to serve and empower the campus’ diverse population of students. Passionate about serving people from other cultures, Elizabeth desires to pursue opportunities to teach and assist international students who wish to further their education in the US.​

Writing Tutor


Major: General Business​

From: Dallas​

Interests: Nature, Animals, and Art ​

“Working at the Learning Commons could give me a great opportunity to not only help others but also provide a beneficial experience that helps make the best of my education.”​

Professional Writing Tutor


Shailen grew up here in Dallas, a few minutes from UNT Dallas’s campus. She graduated from Texas A&M University with a BA in English Literature with a focus in Creative Writing. Shailen also holds an MFA in Creative Writing: Poetry from Arcadia University. She ultimately hopes to better serve and inspire the community she grew up in, and UNT Dallas is representative of that community.​

Peer Tutors

Professional Science Tutor


Gustavo is from Dallas, TX, and graduated from UNT Dallas in 2019 with a Bachelors in Biology with a Chemistry minor. He researched antibacterial resistance to disinfectant under Dr. Frantz and chemical salts effecting bacterial growth with Dr. Yousufuddin. Gustavo was very active on campus, serving as the lab assistant manager for Dr. Rodriguez, the Vice President of Chemistry Club, and a member of Tri-Beta. In addition to being a comic book lover, Gustavo is a big Star Trek and Star Wars fan! Gustavo wanted to continue serving the UNT Dallas student body as a tutor to further his love of biology and to help others.


Paul is a professional science tutor with over 10 years’ experience tutoring chemistry, biology, math, and writing. He is currently researching pnicogen-pnicogen through space interactions using computational methods at SMU, and enjoys cooking and playing the cello in his time off.​

Professional Science Tutor
Professional Science Tutor & SI Coordinator


Ariana is originally from Alabama, and graduated summa cum laude from the University of North Texas in Denton with a BA in Biology and a minor in chemistry. During her time at UNT Denton, she served as a volunteer tutor for organic chemistry and a Supplemental Instructor (SI) for general biology. Ariana also shadowed various doctors’ practices while earning her bachelor’s degree, and hopes to attend medical school in the future. Whether it be through medicine or tutoring, she hopes to make the world of life sciences a more inclusive place.


Major: General Business and HR Management​

From: Puerto Rico​

Interests: Going to the beach​

“I became a tutor because I love helping people.”​

Graduate Stats Tutor
Statistics Tutor


Major: Organizational Behavior/Human Resources​

From: Dallas, TX​

Interests: Spending time with my friends and family, chilling​

“I became a tutor because it seemed like a good learning experience.”


Major: Accounting​

From: Winfield, Alabama​

Interests: Music, movies, and the outdoors​

“I wanted to work in the Learning Commons to help others and keep the accounting material fresh on my mind.” ​

Accounting Tutor
Science Tutor


Major: Biology​

From: Minneapolis, but grew up in Houston​

Interests: Reading (especially Sci-Fi/Fantasy), and her pets!​

“I became a tutor because I love knowing how things work and sharing my knowledge with others.”​


Major: Biology​

From: Dallas, TX​

Interests: Sleep and Chemistry research​

 (sodium nitrate's effect on human gastro functions)​

 “I became a tutor to spread knowledge.”​

Science Tutor
Econ/Marketing/Finance Tutor & Econ SI


Major: Finance

From: Dallas, TX

Interests: Video games, Music, and Stand-up Comedy

"I chose to work for the Learning Commons to help students understand the materials and become the best"

Biology SI & Science Tutor


Major: Biology

From: Irving, TX

Interests: Playing the piano and guitar, singing, and baking

"I've always loved the warm and welcoming environment at the LC which made my learning experience here more fun. I wanted to work here because it would give me a chance to help pass down some of my study tricks to [my fellow] students."