Mission: Motivate. Strengthen. Support. For Math.

The Math Lab provides tutoring, homework, and study assistance for all registered UNT Dallas students who need help with undergraduate math, accounting, statistics, and finance courses.  The Math Lab is staffed by professional tutors and peer tutors (student tutors) who have been recommended by UNT Dallas faculty and have excelled in their academic courses at UNT Dallas. Our tutors will answer specific content-related and/or homework questions, will help you get started on problems, will check that you are approaching a problem correctly, and will encourage you through the process.

Our lab is equipped with computers and commonly used mathematics software. It is a group setting, so tutors will float from student to student assisting you and answering your questions. We see students on a walk-in basis, so no appointments are necessary!*

*Please note, for Spring 2021, all tutoring is online and requires an appointment. Please click here to see how to make an appointment with one of our math tutors.

List of Courses

Our Math Lab and Peer tutors can assist with the following courses:

  • UGMT 1301D – NCBO for Mathematics
  • MATH 1324 - Business Algebra
  • MATH 1010D – Fundamentals of Algebra
  • MATH 1580D/1581D – Survey of Mathematics
  • MATH 1100D – College Algebra
  • MATH 1190D – Business Calculus
  • MATH 1350D/1351D – Math for Elementary Education
  • MATH 1650D – Pre-Calculus
  • MATH 2424 – Calculus I
  • MATH 2425 - Calculus II
  • Upper level math courses (Number Theory, Linear Algebra, Discrete, etc.)

Statistics Tutoring 

Tutoring for the following courses is offered on select days/times

  • CJUS 3350 - Statistics in Criminal Justice
  • DSCI 2710 – Data Description & Analysis
  • DSCI 3710 – Business Statistics
  • MATH 1680 - Elementary Probability and Statistics 
  • MATH 1355 - Probability & Statistics for Teachers
  • MATH 3610 - Applied Statistics 
  • PSYC 3210 - Statistics in Psychology 
  • SOCI 3280 - Quantitative Data Analysis 
Tutor standing in front of a white board with a math equation written on it looking at a student