FAQs - Online Tutoring

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General Information About Online Tutoring

How does online tutoring via the Learning Commons work?

All tutoring services for the Learning Commons, including writing, math, science, accounting, statistics, and supplemental instruction (SI) will now be offered online as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. All tutoring will be held on an appointment basis. Students will request appointments with tutors via WCOnline.

Writing appointments will take place via WCOnline, and students can either submit their papers for written feedback (now called EMAIL TUTORING) or can schedule a virtual appointment and interface online with a tutor (now called REAL-TIME VIDEO TUTORING). Please note that for Email Tutoring, students MUST ATTACH WORD DOCUMENTS in order for our tutors to provide feedback. Pictures, PDFs, and other formats are not accepted.

STEM and SI appointments can also be created via WCOnline. Students will reserve their tutoring appointment slots on WCOnline, and tutoring sessions will be held using Zoom. Students can utilize Zoom on their computers, tablets, or Smartphones. ONLY REAL-TIME VIDEO TUTORING is available for STEM and SI sessions.

What are the steps to request/complete tutoring online?

  1. Go to https://untdallas.mywconline.com/. If this is your first visit, then please Register for an account.
  2. Input your UNT Dallas Email, and Password for WCOnline.
  3. Click on a schedule (Math Lab - Spring 2020 for STEM or Writing Center -Spring 2020 for writing). You MUST select a schedule or you will not be able to access the schedules.
  4. Click on Login.
  5. Please select an option from “Limit to” drop down menu: Accounting/Math/Science/Statistics. This will allow you to narrow your search for available tutors and times depending on subject. Please note that not all Math Tutors will be available to tutor in Statistics. Only tutors who fall under “Statistics” in the “Limit to” feature will be fully equipped to tutor statistics.
  6. A white rectangle box implies tutor are available during that time frame.Click on an open time and fill out the appointment request form.
  7. Add as much detail as possible, and please upload examples of assignments, instructions, etc. to better assist your tutor in preparing for your appointment.
  8. Make sure to save appointment time by clicking "Create." 
  9. After the appointment has been scheduled, make you to log back in to WCOnline 5 minutes before your appointment starts and click on the Zoom link in your appointment window. This is specific to each tutor and each appointment, so make sure you log in! 


  • Please know that you need to have the Zoom app downloaded on your device AND have an account (FREE) to use this online tutoring service.
  • Be sure to utilize your UNT Dallas email to access Zoom for free.
  • Be ready to join your Zoom session at least 5 minutes prior to the start of your scheduled tutoring appointment.

I don’t know if I have a WCOnline account yet, and I’m unsure about how WCOnline works. Where can I go for help?

Please visit our website under the writing, math, and science tabs for more information about how to make an appointment online.

For students who visit the Learning Commons for STEM tutoring in person, we generally use the email you have given us (for most students that is either their UNT Dallas email or their personal email) to create your account. If you have never logged in before, you can try entering your email address and resetting your password. You will be sent a link to the email you gave us to reset your account password. 

You can also email us at learningcommons@untdallas.edu, give us a call, or stop by in person when we are open to have us assist you with this.

I know writing appointments are 45 minutes long. How long will tutoring sessions be for STEM?

Every tutoring session is about 30 minutes. Tutors will only be helping one student at a time per tutoring appointment slot in order to best assist our students. Please note that you need to make separate appointment if you need more than 30 minutes.

Got it. Will my appointment time be restricted for STEM tutoring?

Yes. Unlike walk-in tutoring sessions at the Learning Commons (face-to-face), online sessions have time restrictions. We are trying to service as many students as we possibly can while still providing individualized support for each student we work with during each appointment time. If a tutor has another appointment after yours, they will end the appointment within 2-5 minutes of the next appointment starting.

However, If the tutor you are working with does not have an appointment after your scheduled sessions and you need more time, then you can simply go to WCOnline and make another appointment with your tutor.

Keep in mind that we will be capping the limit to two appointments per day for each student; in other words, students will not be able to schedule more than two 30-minute appointments back-to-back with tutors on any given day. However, if students need additional help, they may be able to create a 3rd appointment later in the day (must allow a minimum of 4 hours to pass between appointments) for an additional 3rd slot. 

This does not apply to writing appointments. All writing appointments are one 45 minute appointment per day (exception: graduate students).

How would I know which tutor is available and which tutor is not available at any time frame?

Once you log to WCOnline and select the math schedule for STEM tutoring, SI schedule for supplemental instruction, and/or writing schedule for writing appointments, you will be able to see who is available and who is not available.

If I'm working on a STEM homework problem, how do I share it with my tutor on Zoom?

  • For smartphone and tablet users: If you have a hard copy printout of your work, you can take a picture and upload it to the conversation with your tutor. If it’s in your online account (say, MyMathLab), then you can simply take a screenshot of the problem/question and then upload that picture to the conversation, as well. You can also flip your camera, and show your tutor the problem you are working on.
  • For laptop users: You can simply take a screenshot and upload it to the conversation with your tutor.

Do I have to share my video with my tutor? I feel uncomfortable being on screen and when using video conferencing.

It is completely up to you—you do not have to share your video with your tutor if you are not comfortable doing so. Our tutors are flexible and will use all available resources (video chatting, using built in white board, providing necessary supplemental videos and links) to help you out. Ultimately, our goal is to provide you the best learning experience.

Can my tutor share his/her/their screen even if I am using my cell phone? Will I only be able to access Zoom tutoring sessions on my laptop?

Yes! Tutors can still share their screens with you even if you are receiving tutoring on your cell phone. Students may use their smartphones, laptops, or tablet devices to connect to Zoom for their tutoring sessions, and screen sharing is an available feature regardless of device. This means, you do not need to have a laptop for online tutoring session!

Where can I download Zoom?

You can visit the Zoom Download center website to download Zoom to your laptop or tablet device. You can also search for the Zoom app on your smartphone app store. It is a free download. Make sure you create an account using your UNT Dallas email account to access free Zoom services!