Faculty SI FAQs

Is S.I. the same as tutoring?

No. S.I. is a nontraditional form of tutoring that is coursespecific for the entire semester. Tutoring is also 1on-1, while S.I. focuses on group collaboration.

Has my S.I. leader taken this course, or similar, before?

Yes, all assigned S.I. leader have taken the course before & received a B or higher.

What can I do to help increase session attendance?

Previous faculty have promoted S.I. by posting canvas announcements, mentioning S.I. in their syllabus, or mentioning S.I. during lectures.

How is attendance for the S.I. sessions tracked?

Your S.I. leader will track student attendance by keeping an excel sheet record. You can gain access to these sheets by requesting that your S.I. leader send them to you after every session.

Are the S.I.'s FERPA trained?

Yes all of our student S.I.'s and professional staff are FERPA trained.

Will my S.I. leader have access to canvas?

Yes. We encourage you to allow your S.I. leader either student or observer access to your canvas course. This helps our S.I.'s remain up-to-date on your lectures, assignments and any other important class information. 

How do the S.I.'s gain access to canvas?

You can email distance learning requesting that your S.I. leader be added to your canvas page. Our LC Admin can also assist you in this task. Please email Rhiannon.Meyer@untdallas.edu for more information 

Does the S.I. program evaluate student grades?

The S.I. program focuses on student success rather than academic evaluation, including student grades and/or faculty assessment. The main focus is student retention and persistence, knowledge building, and academic preparation.