Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a peer-led program that targets challenging courses offered at UNT Dallas. The SI program provides a safe space for students to ask questions they may be too nervous to ask during the lecture or while with the professor during their office hours.

SI sessions are group study sessions where the SI leader will:

  • Facilitate discussions of key concepts
  • Encourage peer to peer learning
  • Provide an opportunity for students to process information and prepare for exams

Each course where SI is offered has a corresponding SI Leader. The SI Leader is someone who has already taken the courses and performed exceedingly well.

Why Attend SI?

Students who attend SI sessions consistently have shown to perform remarkably better in the course than students who do not participate.

Students also gain critical thinking skills, learn test-taking techniques, note-taking methods, and develop their own learning communities.

Hear from our Students and Staff!

The implementation of the SI program is a great addition to the Learning Commons as students are able to get tutoring dedicated to their specific STEM courses.

I can attest that this program reinforced course content and helped improve my scores." - Ysidro N. Motta, Pre-Medical Student

I had 3 students who began the course with failing grades and after attending SI regularly they all received B’s as their final grades.” - Anya Reck, Professional Math SI Leader

"[My SI Leader] was very understanding and relatable when it came to struggles students had with the subject and made sure to clear any confusion."